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I Done Got Married!

So if you have noticed things getting a little bit quiet on here it's because I have been balls deep in wedding planning so website stuff has taken a bit of a back burner.

I planned the whole day myself and it was very spectacular, not least of which because of my awesome dress which I had custom made in Austria by Lena Hoschek! Everyone thinks I am crazy, but trust me when you see the dress you'll see why I went to such lengths to get it! It's amazing!!

You can kind of get a sneak peek of what it looked like with this picture drawn by the lovely Lucia Soto (who designed all of our invites), but it's not exactly the same. I have to leave some surprises!

Wedding planning has been fun but stressful - I'm not really a wedding-y person so it has definitely been a learning process.

I'll be back with a FULL BLOG once I've gotten all of the pictures...

Sim xxx

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