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Working as a model and TV presenter over the past 17 years I have learned a thing or two about longevity and how to self-create the kind of dynamic, eye-catching content that builds and retains a high quality long-lasting fan base.


In 2019 I decided to put this knowledge to the test, helping a number of creators with their platforms as a consultant, with my top performer earning over $1 million in their first year! Through helping a range of different clients from all different areas of the sexy industry I came upon the same question over and over:


"How can I attract and retain fans?"

Of course, every creator has their own methods and strategies but I believe in a 3 C's Method that puts your content front and centre while maintaining platform longevity. It is this tried-and-tested method that has helped me earn over $10,000 every month from content platforms for the past 3 YEARS.


Whether you are a beginner, a member of the struggling 99%, or a big name media personality I have tips and strategies to help you to get started, stay safe, and make more from your content!

Alex xx

beginner services

If you are just starting out then your best bet is one of my workbooks or video downloads where I can digitally walk you through the basics at your own pace. Below are my most affordable and comprehensive options for new starters.